Always listen to the experts…

… they tell you that it is impossible and why you can not do it.
When you know that, GO AHEAD

With more than 30 years in aviation and marketing, I have a proven track record of work “outside the beaten path”. As a “Fire Fighter” I have repeatedly shown my competences in project and change management. I have been responsible for the development and sales of cutting-edge technologies successfully leading the related changes in processes and with the people. My heart beats for creative, outside-the-box work.

Following more than two years since we started to develop an idea into a sound business plan with the financial calculations, my main focus is now on Kolibri.aero. I am “General Manager on Duty” for AirportInfo.aero and help airports and airlines as a subject matter expert for Disruption and Winter Operations Management, A-CDM and Airport Operations Center Development, but also on Marketing and Network Planning and Development (a crystal ball business), aside:

“Juergen is one of the very few people, I really mean, very few, people that
understand both airlines and airports.”
[Ned Macesic, former VP SITA.aero]

I can be reached best on my mobile phone +355 (69) 396 2956 (also WhatsApp), on my German mobile I keep as 2nd SIM at +49 (172) 90 11 999, also through WhatsApp, also by e-Mail juergen@.

Since 2009 I am married and since 2010, respectively 2013 proud papa of two wonderful daughters, Alexsandra and Sonia! The little time left, I love swimming and try to share thoughts about aviation, marketing and current developments on my Food for Thought blog and on LinkedIn.

These pages are not permanently updated – if anything is outdated, we appreciate if you let us know! You can also have a look at my profile on LinkedIn or have a look at my personal blog.